Herbs & Oils

Using plants as medicine has been around since the beginning of humanity. Mother nature provides all we need for optimum health. Our duty is to care for her and in return, she?ll take care of you. I started a small garden to nurture a few of these healing plants.

My Top Plants!

1) Raw Garlic

Reduces Diabetes
Fights inflammation
Supports immune system
Regulates blood pressure
Fights Cardiovascular disease
Fights fungal infections
Fights viral infection
Treats hair loss

2) Ginger

Highly potent antioxidant
Anti inflammatory agent

3) Turmeric

Potent antioxidant
Anti- inflammatory

4) Ginseng

Reduces stress
Treat sexual dysfunction
Improve lung function
Lower blood sugar levels
Boost immune system
Reduce inflammation

5) Milk Thistle

Anti inflammatory
Aids digestive function
Increase bile production
Boost skin health
Fight appearance of aging
Lower cholesterol levels
Help detoxify the Body

6) Feverfew

Fights fevers
Helps headaches
Treats stomach aches
Treats toothaches
Soothes insect bites
Treats infertility
Aids menstruation and labor during childbirth

7) St. John?s Wort

Relieves PMS
Mood enhancer
Reduce Inflammation
Relieve skin irritations
Improve symptoms of OCD

8) Ginkgo Biloba

Improves focus and concentration
Reduce risk of dementia & Alzheimer’s
Fights anxiety and depression
Help maintain vision and eye health
Relieve ADHD symptoms
Improve libido
Fights fibromyalgia

9) Saw Palmetto

Fights inflammation
Boost immune system
Treats Respiratory Conditions
Promotes relaxation

10) Aloe Vera

Treats constipation
Helps with skin disease
Worm infestation

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