Is Microblading Worth It in a Holistic Lifestyle?

is microblading worth it

When it comes to one’s overall appearance, most would agree that the face encompasses the majority of what others initially acknowledge. Our face is often our first impression, which is exactly why most women seek to tame sparse or unruly eyebrows consistently.

For many women, keeping up with their eyebrows is just as important as brushing their teeth in the morning. As a result of this desire, we are introduced to the method of microblading.

According to a microblading guide called Ink Defined, microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancing method. The process is completed through a meticulous tattooing technique where a small hand tool is used to create fine strokes of ink that mimic the natural eyebrow hairs. The eyebrow mimicking tattoos are resemble real eyebrows so much so that most people con’t notice the difference between the two. Although with the results of this technique the decision may seem like a no-brainer, one may be concerned of conflict between this method and holistic life practices and be stuck asking themselves is microblading worth it?

Can Microblading and Holistic Lifestyles Coexist?

We came to hear about the microblading trend through a few clients, who were concerned about whether they can still live holistically if they undergo the treatment.

The concern of whether or not microblading may be antagonistic to holistic health is perfectly understandable, so allow us to clear up some uncertainty you may have. While microblading does not prevent you from engaging in holistic practices all together, there are a few limitations to certain activities for about 3 days before the procedure and for a short period of time in the recovery period of the procedure: 

  • Before the procedure you should abstain from waxing, tweezing, and tinting your eyebrows. Furthermore, you should also abstain from caffeine, alcohol, and fish oil 24 hours before the procedure. Check those teas and supplements!
  • Following the procedure, a few holistic practices may need to be avoided as you should avoid activities that cause excess moisture or sweating such as exercise.

Beyond the few short-term limitations this may create for you, holistic practices and microblading should have no problem coexisting for you. With that being said, one of the most common concerns for those who are wondering “is microblading worth it?”, is the question of how long the results will last.

There’s no real right or wrong answer!

Considering the fact that this is ultimately a tattoo technique, it is often thought that this is a permanent method of eyebrow care. However, due to the nature of the technique the results are semi-permanent lasting 1-3 years in total. In any case, these semi-permanent results may actually alleviate some time for you to focus more on meditation in the morning, healthier eating, or any other holistic lifestyle choice.

In conclusion, there is really no right or wrong answer to what is compatible with a holistic lifestyle or not. A holistic approach means aligning your mind, body, and spirit to achieve overall wellness. If you find altering your eyebrows brings you confidence and strength, which also strengthens your mind and spirit through a higher self-esteem, then you can answer this question on your own.

So if you’re asking us is microblading worth it with a holistic lifestyle, simply put, it could be for you!